Environment Protection

Considerable steps are taken to establish a system of integrated permits for industrial facilities considered to be significant polluters.
The Law on Environment contains two chapters dealing with environmental permits:

  • Chapter XII on Integrated Environmental Permits: defines two types of activities (“A” and “B”) for which permits are required. A-type installations are those subject to the EU Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) directive 96/61/EC, and B-type activities cover installations bellow the thresholds determined for A activities;
  • Chapter XIII on General Environmental Audit: sets obligations for Operators to carry out a general environmental audit in case of termination of activities of an installation and in case of transfer of the integrated environmental permit.

These chapters are reflective of the EU Directive 96/61/EC and 2008/1/EC on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC). The Law on Environment requires the control of the installation’s operations and emissions to be followed through self-monitoring under conditions defined in the permit and through yearly inspections done by the state environmental inspectors. The permit sets conditions for the prevention of pollution and for the protection of the environment.