Producers, distributors and operators

AD ELEM—State owned electric power generation company


  • ELEM currently has power generation capacity of 1,328.4 MW.
  • 800 or 60% of this capacity is produced through thermal power plants and the remaining 40% through hydroelectric power plants.\
Location HPP Installed Capacity Average Annual Production

HPP Raven
HPP Vrutok
HPP Vrben

206.4 MW 393 GWh
Globocica 42 MW 191 GWh
Tikves 116 MW 184 GWh
Spilje 84 MW 300 GWh
Kozjak 80 MW 150 GWh
Sveta Petka 36.4 MW 66 GWh
Total 528.4 MW  

Source: ELEM Website

AD MEPSO-- (Electricity Transmission System Operator of Macedonia)

is a company fully state-owned, established in 2005 after the transformation of the Electric Power Company of Macedonia. The core MEPSO activity is a smooth electricity transmission via the high voltage network, electric power system control and regular and duly electricity flow to its clients such as the large industrial consumers (Bucim, OKTA, Maksteel, Mitalsteel, USJE, Silmak, and FENI Industry), and to the low voltage grid of EVN Macedonia.

To perform its activity AD MEPSO has been granted three licenses from the Energy Regulatory Commission for a duration of 35 years until 2040:

  • A license of doing the energy business and activity in terms of electricity transmission;
  • A license of doing power business and activity, organization and electricity market control;
  • A license of doing power business and activity power system control.

AD MEPSO for its operation charges an electricity transmission fee set by the Energy Regulatory Commission based on AD MEPSO costs meaning that AD MEPSO is a non-profit oriented company, but it is a public service to citizens and the Macedonian economy.

Country commitment to investing in electricity transmission:

  • Many efforts and on-going projects are being implemented by AD MEPSO in order to integrate the Republic of Macedonia into the regional power market.  The on-going projects' objectives are to seek interconnection with Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania.
  • These projects and investments are being financed by the Government of Macedonia with Financing from various international financing institutions.
  • The interconnection project with Bulgaria is being co-financed with EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), WB (World Bank) and EIB (European Investment Bank).
  • The interconnection project with Serbia is being financed by the EIB and the WB. Estimated investment amount €14M.
  • The interconnection project with Albania will total €68M of which Macedonia will be investing €43M. Interconnection will be commissioned by 2017.

The electricity transmission system comprises of transmission lines and substations, including their entire equipment. The electricity transmission system links the production facilities of the Republic of Macedonia to the electricity distribution system and the consumers. The electricity transmission system of the Republic of Macedonia is operated by the state-owned Skopje-based AD MEPSO company.



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EVN Group-- Electric power generator and distributor and distribution system operator; privatized in April 2006.  The owner is EVN AG of Austria.

  • Up to January 2012, the EVN Group has invested more than 150 million Euros, constructed or modernized more than 2 000 km of the grid and 1.000 transformer stations, and installed 570.000 new digital meters.
  • EVN Macedonia owns 11 small hydroelectric power plants which have been refurbished and fully automated.

Distribution Grid:

Number of transformer stations

110 kV

35 kV 86
10/(20) kV 7 752
Electric distribution grid per voltage levels

110 kV

35 kV 841km
20, 10, 6 kV 10572km
0.4 kV 14 599km
HPP Year of 
Year of 
Power after 


1953 2008 5,1 MW / 6,3MWA
Kalimanci 1970 2006 13,8 MW / 17,25 MVA
Matka 1938 2008 9,6 MW / 12 MVA
Pena 1926 2007 3,3 MW / 4,1 MVA
Pesochani 1951 2008 2,9 MW / 3,6 MVA
Sapunchica 1952 2008 2,9 MW / 3,6 MVA
Zrnovci 1950 2009 1,6 MW/ 2 MVA
Popova Sapka 1993 2002 4,8 MW / 6 MVA
Babuna 1995 2009 720 kW / 900 kVA
Belica 1989 2009 250 kW / 312 kVA
Turija 1985 2010 2,0 MW / 2,5 MVA

Ad TPP Negotino-- JSC TPP Negotino – 100 % state owned company.  Thermal power generation - heavy fuel with capacity to produce 210 MW.