SHPP sector and opportunities

Hydropower generation sector in Macedonia

  • Hydroelectric production is around 20% of the total electricity production.
  • Macedonia´s topography and climate conditions make an excellent environment to use river flows and construct dams for both small and large accumulations.
  • Total water accumulation volume in Macedonia amounts to 891 million cubic meters with annual production of around 1200 GW
  • Today, approximately 20 % of the total potential for hydro power generation in Macedonia is being exploited.
  • The Republic of Macedonia has sustained an electric power generation deficit over the last 12 years in excess of 1400 GWh on average per year.

Current hydropower generation and estimated generation potential

Confluence Theoretical total potential Used potential Opportunity and potential differential
  GWh GWh GWh
Vardar 6.660 1.150,0 1.200
Crn Drim 2.203 583,0 964,9
Total 8.863 1.471,7 5.524,2

Macedonia has available technical potential for hydropower for generation of about 5500 GWh (473 ktoe) of electricity per year in average hydrologic conditions. From this potential, the total installed power of the existing hydropower plants is 580 MW and their average annual generation is about 1500 GWh (129 ktoe) which is 27% of the available potential. According to the Study, construction of new hydropower plants with an annual generation of about 2500 GWh (215 ktoe) is planned, which would make the total production reach a level of 4000 GWh (344 ktoe) or 71% of the available technical potential.

Source: Strategy for utilization of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Macedonia 2010, Government of Macedonia, Ministry of  Economy.

Small Hydropower Plant potential in the Republic of Macedonia

  • According to an assessment prepared by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the technically feasible potential of SHPPs includes 200 sites with installed capacity of 230 MW, with an annual production of about 990 GWh and with total required investment of about EUR 460 million.
  • SSo far, 5 tenders for concession of SHPP locations were conducted, 66 concession agreements were concluded with investment value of 110 mil. EUR.