Processes and procedures for construction and start-up of hydropower plants

Planning Phase (approx: 2 years)

1. Approval to build a new renewable energy power plant with capacity above 10MV

60 days

2. Resolving property right issues

Time undefined

3. Preparation of State Urban Plan Documentation, Architectural Design $ Conceptual Design

Time undefined

4. Enviromental Impact Survey

Time Undefined

Construction Phase (approx: 1 year)

5. Construction permit

40-60 days

6. Electricity generation licence

Est. 60 days

7. Permit for Use

40-70 Days

8. Connection to power distribution system

8 days (for decision) Time Undefined (for connection)

Connection to power transmission system

Time Undefined

Commissioning Phase (approx: 6 months)

9. Entry into the register of Renewable Energy Power Plants

40 Days

10. Provisional decision for acquiring power generator

40-50 days

11. Decision for acquiring status of preferential power generator and approval for use of feed-in tariff for electricity generation from RES

40-60 Days

12. Entry in to power purchase agreement with electricity market operator MEPSO for selling of electricity produced by RES preferential power generator

30 Days